Babolat tennis racket, Pure Drive GT Plus

Babolat tennis racket, Pure Drive GT Plus
The Pure Drive Plus has always been a huge hit with aggressive players seeking the utmost in spin and power. This GT version takes performance to a whole new level. Utilizing GT technology, the racquet feels more solid and comfortable thanks to the use of graphite/tungsten in its construction. With its extended length and maneuverable feel, this racquet is about as spin-friendly as they come. The added racquet length helps increase the tip speed of the racquet resulting in faster swings for more spin and power. With lots of bite from the stringbed, generating topspin is a snap. Hitting aggressively from inside the court turns approach shots into clean winners. At net the Pure Drive Plus GT offers a very clean feel. Targeting is precise and there is ample feel for touch and placement volleys. Overheads can be dispatched with lots of power with a simple wrist snap and the maneuverable feel helps the volleyer respond quickly.

(Spec's - strung)
27.5" length (700-mm)
318.00 grams
6 pts HL balance
100-sq. inch head size
16x19 string pattern
22mm / 25mm beam height (tip to shaft/throat)

Player Focus: On serve this racquet offers immense power and spin much like the Pure Drive Roddick Plus GT, yet doesn't require as much effort to swing. All in all this is a very impressive update to a popular stick. Best suited to 4.0+ level players.