Babolat tennis racket, Pure Drive Roddick GT Plus

Babolat tennis racket, Pure Drive Roddick GT Plus
Andy Roddick's signature racquet, the Pure Drive Roddick GT Plus combines a player's racquet weight and balance with the beam width and stiffness of the Pure Drive Plus. The result is excellent stability and power with ample control and excellent access to spin. The added length adds some serious swing speed to the tip of the racquet, which results in huge amounts of spin and power on aggressive swings.With GT technology, this racquet offers a more solid feel thanks to the use of graphite/tungsten in its construction. From the baseline this racquet offers excellent plow through. Stability at contact is impressive, making it a solid choice for advanced level players who frequently face big hitting opponents. Likewise, this stick enables the user to hit a heavy ball. Long, fast swings result in shots with excellent court penetration. Short balls can be dispatched with lots of pace and spin with this racquet. Our TW testers found a high level of control even when taking a good rip at the ball. At net the racquet offers a high level of stability and plenty of power to punch volleys deep with pace. The feel is clean with solid targeting on both deep volleys and short angled shots. When it comes to serving, this racquet shines. The amount of power and spin that can be generated is very, very impressive.

(Spec's - strung)
27.5" length (700-mm)
332.00 grams
7 pts HL balance
100-sq. inch head size
16x19 string pattern
22mm / 26mm / 23mm beam height (tip to shaft/throat)

Player Focus: Roddick is famous for hitting bombs, and there's no doubt why he uses this racquet. Best suited to advanced level players.