Head tennis racket, YOUTEK Prestige Mid

Head tennis racket, YOUTEK Prestige Mid
Once again, Head looks to the Prestige Classic 600 for inspiration on this latest racquet in the Prestige line, the YOUTEK Prestige Mid. With specs based on the Classic, the YOUTEK Prestige Mid offers that classic feel and response, tailor made for the advanced player. This control oriented offering requires a faster swing to get the best results. Best suited for accurate hitting control oriented players, the YOUTEK Prestige Mid has a small, but very plush feeling sweetspot. On serve, the mass of this stick helps generate a heavy ball as well as court penetration when hitting from the baseline. Players will find they can develop a lot of power and pace from the mass of this racquet making it ideal for big hitters. At net, the YOUTEK Prestige Mid provides excellent touch and accuracy while offering good stability when volleying harder hit shots.

(Spec's - strung)
27" length (690-mm)
346.00 grams
7 pts HL balance
93-sq. inch head size
18x20 string pattern
19mm beam height (tip to shaft/throat)

Player Focus: Like its predecessors, the YOUTEK Prestige Mid allows tremendous control and feel for the advanced player and is effective from all areas of the court. Best suited for advanced level players with developed strokes looking for a control racquet.