Head tennis racket, YOUTEK Speed

Head tennis racket, YOUTEK Speed
The racquet choice for Novak Djokovic, the Speed Midplus offers superior control and feel with its tighter string pattern. Players who utilize slice off the ground and on serve will love the response from this racquet. Our TW playtesters also found excellent depth control on flatter strokes. While this one doesn't have quite the spin potential of the 16/19 version when hitting with topspin, advanced level players will still plenty of spin to help control shots. The standard length offers more of a classic feel from all areas of the court compared to the 16/19 version. At net this stick provides a high level of control and feel. There is ample mass for stable volleying even during heavy hitting. Advanced level players (4.5+) will appreciate the touch that is present when looking to hit drop volleys and angles. On serve our TW testers found a solid blend of pace and control.

(Spec's - strung)
27" length (690-mm)
335.00 grams
7 pts HL balance
100-sq. inch head size
18x20 string pattern
20mm beam height (tip to shaft/throat)

Player Focus: All in all this stick impresses from the baseline to the net, making it an appealing choice for a variety of player styles.