Prince tennis racket, EX03 Ignite Team 95

Prince tennis racket, EX03 Ignite Team 95
Used by dynamic doubles team Mike and Bob Bryan, this lighter, whippier version of the Prince EXO3 Ignite 95 offers easier access to spin and improved mobility over the regular version. The close to even balance puts some mass behind shots without sacrificing the maneuverable feel. From the baseline our TW playtesters were able to generate lots of pace while still finding plenty of control thanks its spin-friendliness. Our testers found some nice bite from the stringbed, making this racquet particularly helpful when looking to attack short balls with both pace and spin. At net the EXO3 Ignite Team feels fast and agile. There's a nice comfortable feel at impact, although this one doesn't feel quite as muted as its heavier brother. That added feel helps with touch and delicate angle volleys or when looking to bleed some pace off a heavily struck passing attempt. On serve intermediate players and above will enjoy the easy access to fast swing speeds.

(Spec's - strung)
27" length (685-mm)
311.00 grams
1 pts HL balance
95-sq. inch head size
16x18 string pattern
22mm beam height (tip to shaft/throat)

Player Focus: Some useful power, plus the spin-friendly response, makes the EXO3 Ignite Team a very useful racquet on serve. Players seeking the control of a player's racquet without the heft will find a great match here.