Prince tennis racket, EX03 Rebel 95

Prince tennis racket, EX03 Rebel 95
Few racquets offer a smooth-as-silk, hot-knife-through-butter type of sensation when hitting a well-struck ball, but the Rebel 95 from Prince is one of them. The racquet choice of ATP Tour professional Gael Monfils, this stick blends a plush, comfortable response with a ton of feel and control, and is an excellent choice for advanced level players seeking the kind of precision that's usually reserved for items such as a surgeon's scalpel. From the baseline, this racquet exhibits excellent stability, remaining very solid through the contact zone even during heavy hitting. Our TW testers found spin production to come easily thanks to plenty of grip from the 18/20 string pattern. At net, the racquet offers the kind of control and precision that will have you aiming for the lines. A solid response helps when punching volleys deep, while the buttery feel is perfect for caressing touch and angle volleys. The power level of the Rebel is as expected from a player's racquet so pace on serves comes more from player technique than the racquet. Those with the technique to generate good racquet head speed will find will find lots of spin and some useful pace. Again, control is a standout feature, and our testers found the racquet to promote consistency even while staying aggressive.

(Spec's - strung)
27" length (690-mm)
349.00 grams
9 pts HL balance
95-sq. inch head size
18x20 string pattern
20mm beam height (tip to shaft/throat)

Player Focus: . All in all a very solid choice for 4.5+ level players.