Tecnifibre tennis racket, TFlash 315 SpeedFlex

Tecnifibre tennis racket, TFlash 315 SpeedFlex
Offering some solid power and an incredibly forgiving feel, the TFlash 315 SpeedFlex impresses from all areas of the court. Both the modern, aggressive striker of the ball as well as the more traditional player with more compact strokes will get a lot of performance out of this one. There's ample power to help get shots deep and to add some zip to put away shots. The feel at impact is very comfortable. Ball feel is cushioned, yet there's enough connection for confident hitting even when going for precise targets. At net the TFlash 315 SpeedFlex provides excellent comfort and is extremely forgiving. Even volleys caught outside of the sweetspot feel comfortable and leave the racquet with predictable pace and direction.

(Spec's - strung)
27" length (690-mm)
331.00 grams
7 pts HL balance
100-sq. inch head size
16x19 string pattern
24mm beam height (tip to shaft/throat)

Player Focus: . Tecnifibre has included silicone in the handle of this racquet and the result is a fast and powerful offering that offers a more dampened feel compared to competing racquets. Well worth a demo for 4.0 to Open level players.