Wilson tennis racket, BLX SixOne Team

Wilson tennis racket, BLX SixOne Team
Players looking a lighter, more forgiving Six.One will be pleased with the Six.One Team BLX. This version allows for easier maneuverability and has a generous sweetspot for a comfortable hit. It's easy to generate fast racquet head speeds with Six.One Team BLX when compared to the heavier Six.One 95 BLX racquets. The TW playtesters found that this BLX version offers a slightly more dampened feel than its predecessor, the KSix-One Team. Our testers also still found a crisp and clean response on all shots. At the baseline, the 18x20 string pattern offered good control on groundstrokes and nice bite for slice. The excellent maneuverability and clean response off the stringbed were the standout performance features at net.

(Spec's - strung)
27" length (685-mm)
303.00 grams
3 pts HL balance
95-sq. inch head size
18x20 string pattern
21mm beam height (tip to shaft/throat)

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