Yonex tennis racket, RDiS 100 MidPlus

Yonex tennis racket, RDiS 100 MidPlus
Offering a midplus to complement the RDiS 100 mid, this 98 square inch model provides more power with a larger sweetspot. The weight of the RDiS 100 midplus offers nice stability while a manageable swingweight makes it appealing for a wider range of players. Our TW playtesters found the 98 to offer similar characteristics and feel to the mid, but adding a bit more pop and forgiveness. The access to spin is apparent on groundstrokes when taking a good cut at the ball with both topspin and slice. A nice combination of punch and feel at net makes this one a great option for doubles as well as singles.

(Spec's - strung)
27" length (690-mm)
332.00 grams
7 pts HL balance
95-sq. inch head size
16x19 string pattern
21mm beam height (tip to shaft/throat)

Player Focus: Harnessed power on serve is there when needed, while the open string pattern helps provide a nice kick for more control oriented serves. Ideally suited for 4.0+ players.