Yonex tennis racket, S-Fit 5

Yonex tennis racket, S-Fit 5
Powerful and sublimely comfortable, the S-Fit 5 is a good fit for the beginner through club level player. Those with a compact stroke looking for a racquet to help with power will get the most out of this one. The oversize head provides a generous sweetspot. Easy access to depth and pace can be found with minimal effort. As typical with Yonex racquets, the S-Fit 5 features a long grip, making it perfect for players with two-handed strokes. At net the racquet feels light and maneuverable. Again, comfort is very impressive and the racquet remains stable despite its light, just under ten-ounce strung weight.

(Spec's - strung)
27.25" length (692-mm)
280.00 grams
2 pts HH balance
112-sq. inch head size
16x19 string pattern
27mm / 28mm / 27.5mm beam height (tip to shaft/throat)

Player Focus: All in all this makes a great option for the player seeking all court power form a racquet that is also friendly on the arm.