About Tennis Grips

Tennis grips are also one of important elements of tennis equipment.
The wrong grip size and bad wrapped or disused grip band is one of the most reason for a tennis elbow.

The basic grip is responsible for the vibration absorption and should be replaced periodically.

The over grip generally provides a better absorption and therefore the over grip takes care of the control.

Again you will find on the market big numbers of brands, most of them are already listed in the upper text, and again they have a big number of different grip models.
Most are good, but the best are only holding quality and performance for much longer time.
The main point by grips is – regular changing.
You can not have one grip on the racket for a month, or let’s say 10 hours and expect the same quality as by new one.
Sure durability depends also on how much you sweet and are you playing in the hall or outside, or on the hard or clay court.
First by every play moister is getting in the grip and second dirt is coming on by every play to.
So, from these two main reasons the tennis grip is loosing the performance.
And please do not forget about hygienic reasons. We are not wearing the same tennis socks for ten hours either.If you want functional tennis grip, please change it at least after 3-5 hours of play.