About Tennis Racket Tuning

This point is very special-Tennis Racket Tuning!

Not to professional tennis players, as they do that already for a long time, but for most recreation tennis players this point is quite new and unknown.

You can see that players on the tour are changing their rackets very often, sometimes in the middle of the game, and they do not seem to have any problems with that.
That is correct, but the reason for this is; all their rackets are completely similar in three main points:

- racket weight
- racket balance
- racket swing weight

And for that you need racket tuning, which is usually made for tour players already in the factory or by stringing specialists on the tour.
So all tour players rackets are the same in the way which they choose. That is why they can take the rackets blind from the bag and do not care about that how the racket feels in the hand and how the racket perform.
The only difference is in the strings tension, which they very often prepares different, depending on the air temperature and humidity and court surface.

For recreation tennis players who are really just occasion players and they have only one racket, this is not from big use, as they do not have another racket to compare to.
But for more serious tennis players, tennis racket tuning should be serious point.

The first two: racket weight and racket balance it is not so difficult to manage.
There is only a problem, because it is hard or almost impossible to find a tennis shop, which will have sufficient racket on stock for you to try test and to measure.
Normally if you take 20 pcs of the rackets from the same model and grip size, you will have hard time to find 5 pcs, which are the same weight and balance. There are always some small differences.
But if you manage that, you are only on half way.
The most important point by tennis racket is swing weight of the racket and that really makes big difference how does the racket feel in your hand and by performance.
To explain simply, that is the feeling which you have when you move the racket into swing and stroke.
For example you can have a few rackets from exact same weight and balance, but they will feel totally different in movement.To measure that you need special machine and those has only stringing specialist.

Maybe that all sounds a bit complicated to you, but it is really not.
Just find stringing specialist and he will do the job for you in really short time, but believe me, you will be stoned over result.