About tennis rackets

First, all main tennis rackets brands as WilsonHead,  Babolat, Prince, Yonex, Pacific
have a big number of different racket models with one goal- to have right tennis racket for almost every kind of tennis player.
And you know, they are really good in what they are doing.

Actually they really do have racket models for almost every type of tennis player in the world.

Yes sure there are differences between brands and models, but more or less they are very similar in their model groups.
They all have rackets models for pro players, they all have rackets for intermediate players, they all have rackets for seniors, they all have rackets for women, they all have rackets for kids and they all have rackets for beginners.

So where is the problem?
The problem is - most tennis players are choosing the wrong tennis rackets!

How often can you see intermediate tennis player or even so to say beginners playing Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Murray, Davydenko or Hewitt racket model?
Very often and it is a perfect racket for them-pro’s that is correct, but it is for sure not the right racket for tennis players who are playing tennis in the recreation way.
Even if you are former tournament player, this are hardly rackets for you to use it with success, because you are not in the right shape anymore.
Yes maybe you will play 15 to 20 minutes great, but after that you will get the felling that your racket is getting heavier and heavier and your arm slower and slower.
And that is the end of success and fun and even worst, you can get some serious injuries because of that.

So get the right racket for you, which depend on your tennis knowledge (technique), Gender, age.

Tennis Rackets