PACIFIC Tennisballs achieve best results in quality, material, playing features and durability!

Two Newcomers enter the Tennis Ball Market. PACIFIC and Tecnifibre prove that not only the established brands can deliver top-quality tennis balls. The Ball Market is a complicated one. Uncountable different types of quality (from all Mfg’s) are found in Sport Shops, to Mail Order, and even the local Gas/Grocery Store! However, then there are the official balls that meet the Regulations of the DTB. These are the quality balls used for official matches. In Germany, this means only those labeled as being officially approved balls by: Babolat, Dunlop, Head, Tretorn, and Wilson can be used for official matches. Currently these are the: “VS” (Babolat), “Fort Tournament” (Dunlop), “No. 1” (Head), “Tour +” (Tretorn), and the “Tour Clay Germany” (Wilson). For years having only so few options, has been viewed as ‘unfair’ by critics. On one hand, we do agree that to become an official DTB ball, the quality must be exact. However, there is also the large amount of money that is paid by the Mfg’s to the DTB, and while these Funds are used to help support young talent, and help pay for some of the sponsoring of tournaments, it does also guarantee these select few Mfg’s that only their balls will be purchased and used for all official matches. Tennis Magazin presents two new balls that are not yet officially recognized by the DTB, but are very impressive in their quality & performance: the PACIFIC “Pro Tour” and the “X-One” from Tecnifibre. According to Claus-Peter Lander from PACIFIC: “We developed the Pro Tour with a special coating applied to the inside wall of the natural rubber core – this consistent 5mm coating ‘traps’ all the pressure inside – thus delivering a longer, and more consistent playing ball. We also developed a totally new outer felt that is a combination of sheep’s wool & nylon fibers – the wool actually comes from a PACIFIC owned factory in New Zealand!”

Sheep’s wool from New Zealand

The end result: a very good quality & consistent felt – allowing a very consistent narrow seam. We found that even after an intensive 3-hour practice session, the “Pro Tour” looked as if it was still new. The felt was still smooth, and no ‘fluffing’ was evident. Tennis Magazin Head-Tester, Mike Reynolds commented: “With regard to durability, the ball does not have to fear the comparison vs. any of the top-balls. The pressure remained consistent and very good for a few weeks and the playing characteristics stayed unchanged the entire time. What I found most positive is the ball is really ‘lively’! It was easy to generate spin, and had the similar playing sensation as the Dunlop Fort Tournament – both being a harder feel.”A rather softer feel, is the Tecnifibre “X-One”. This ball is the successor of the earlier official ball of the French Open, so it is suitable as well for clay. It is produced in cooperation with the tire Manufacture, Bridgestone in the Tecnifibre factory in Thailand – where some 12-million tennis balls are produced annually. Reynolds commented: “The playing characteristics are very good, and I would compare the playability of the ‘X-One’ to that of the Wilson ‘Tour Clay Tournament’ ball. The durability of the ‘X-One’ was not as good as the PACIFIC ‘Pro Tour’, but still the ‘X-One’ was good enough to recently be used at the Davis Cup match between France and Germany. Also, the price is a good argument for buying both of these new balls. Both are top-class balls, with excellent performance, as well as being attractively priced!”

Eduardo Schwank joins PACIFIC Tennis

PACIFIC is proud to announce the recent addition of Eduardo Schwank as their latest new Member to join the PACIFIC X-Team!

The talented Argentinean who is currently #61 on the ATP Tour, is back in full X-Force from some nagging injuries late in 2009, and will soon surpass his career high of #50 – without a doubt, on his way to being a legitimate Top #10 ATP Singles Player.

The 23-year old Schwank enjoyed an extremely successful Junior ITF Career – finishing #2 in 2004 year behind Gael Monfils.

Eduardo uses a complete package of PACIFIC Products – his X Force PRO is maximized for the ultimate in performance with: Poly Force 17 string, and X Tack PRO over-grip – traveling stylishly & securely in PACIFIC Racquet & Travel Bags.

Eduardo commented:“The new PACIFIC racquets are simply awesome! From the very first time I tested one, I had perfect feeling, amazing spin & more power, plus such good control too! I know it also has a lot to do when combined with the Poly Force string, because I tried some other brands of strings, and while OK, not at all the same performance! It is as if the string and racquet were made for each other! PACIFIC Products when used together are so perfect for me! Plus, I never until now, found an over-grip with such great traction and durability. No wonder X Tack PRO has won so many Awards. I now have the best equipment to compete on the ATP World Tour!”

As the current No. 4 in Argentina, Eduardo is a part of the Argentinean Davis Cup Team.

Together with the power of the PACIFIC “X”, Eduardo Schwank will rule the tennis court!

You can view Eduardo’s ATP Bio and learn more about this rising young Star, at:

RAPTOR Testwinner German Tennis Journal

"To develop extreme performance tournament racquets & ultra comfortable racquets, is easier for manufactures then developing those racquets that fall ‘in-between’ – commonly called; “Sportive” or “All-rounder” (“Tweener” or “Hybrid” in the USA) and are focused at the largest consumer playing base. This ‘target-group’ is difficult to define due to the diversity of their styles. We took on this ‘Mission Impossible’ with testing 12-new models“.

Not too much power, and not lacking too much comfort – predictable control, but not too demanding. Thus the attempt to develop the perfect ‘All-round’ racquet is comparable to seeking the Philosophers’ Stone!

Nevertheless a trend has evolved regarding the basic technical parameters: head-size in the 100-105 in^2, 23-26-mm beam, and 290-300 grams strung, (10.2-10.6 Ounces) seem to be the Standards sought by these players.

Found in the middle of these parameters, is the Winner of our Test – the PACIFIC Raptor. This is the first time that a “New Brand” takes our 1st Place Prize! As we all know, PACIFIC racquets have emerged from the former Fischer racquets, and the Raptor is the updated predecessor of the past “M Rally”, and it was also a past Test Winner.

There are numerous improvements besides a new name, and new design. One of the most significant improvements is the new “Air Damp” system that is located just above the grip & adds perfect comfort, and perfect feedback."

RSI String Playtest POLY POWER PRO

Have a look at the RSI (Racquet Sports Industry) String Playtestseen in RSI magazin: Poly Power Pro is a German high modulus polyester string manufactured in Germany exclusively by Pacific. In construction, it is essentially a double-coated monofilament. Pacific tells us that the high modulus polymers combined with two layers of a special coating deliver focused ball-control, excellent elasticity for maximum energy return to the ball, and high durability. Pacific is the Official String of the ATP Tour. Pacific Poly Power Pro is for players looking for a durable control with extra power, with comfort typically not associated with polyester string. It is available in 16 (1.30 mm), 16L (1.25 mm), and 17 (1.20 mm) gauges in yellow and black. It is available in envelope sets of 40 feet, and in reels of 660 feet. For more information or to order, contact your local Pacific sales agent or Pacific at 941-795-1789.

IN THE LABWe tested the 16L gauge Poly Power Pro in yellow. The coil measured 43 feet. The diameter measured 1.24-1.26 mm before stringing, and 1.23-1.24 mm after stringing. We recorded a stringbed stiffness of 74 RDC units immediately after stringing at 60 pounds in a Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 95 (16 x 18 pattern) on a constant-pull machine.

After 24 hours (no playing), stringbed stiffness measured 68 RDC units, representing an 8 percent tension loss. Our control string, Prince Synthetic Gut Original Gold 16, measured 78 RDC units immediately after stringing and 71 RDC units after 24 hours, representing a 9 percent tension loss. In lab testing, Prince Synthetic Gut Original had a stiffness of 217 and a tension loss of 11.67 pounds. Pacific Poly Power Pro 16 had a stiffness of 222 and a tension loss of 21.65 pounds. Poly Power Pro 16 added 17 grams to the weight of our unstrung frame.

The string was tested for five weeks by 37 USRSA playtesters, with NTRP ratings from 3.5 to 6.0. These are blind tests, with playtesters receiving unmarked strings in unmarked packages. We recommended our playtesters use a reference tension 10 percent lower than for a nylonstring. Average number of hours playtested was 28.5.

Poly Power Pro feels very smooth out of the package, with a bit of coil memory. It also seems to have a bit of lubrication on it, which combined with the smoothness can make it more difficult to grab the string between your fingers while weaving the crosses. If you string more than one racquet in a row, you’ll probably want to wipe your hands off between racquets.

Two playtesters broke the sample during stringing, 12 reported problems with coil memory, three reported problems tying knots, and two reported friction burn.

ON THE COURTWe have a winner! Our playtest team gave Pacific Poly Power Pro 16 the highest rating for Resistance to Movement of any string we’ve tested to date for publication, which represents 139 strings.

Coupled with Poly Power Pro’s 3rd-overall rating for Durability (tie), and 9thoverall rating for Tension Retention (tie), and you’ve got one durable string. Poly Power Pro also scored well above average for Control, Power, and (as you might guess from reading the comments)Spin Potential. This gives Pacific Poly Power Pro 16 an overall rating well above average, with ratings in the top ten percent in four categories (Resistance to Movement, Durability, Tension Retention, and Control).None of our playtesters broke the sample during the playtest period.

CONCLUSIONWhether it’s the German polyester core or the two layers of special coating, Pacific Poly Power Pro 16 definitely establishes its credentials as a durability string, but it doesn’t end there. As noted above, several of our playtesters liked the spin potential of Poly Power Pro,too. Plus, if you’re smacking the ball for hours on end (which you can do thanks to Poly Power Pro’s durability), your arm will be happy to know that our lab test shows that Poly Power Pro is only slightly stiffer than our reference nylon string.

If you have a stringing business and are thinking about carrying this string, give Pacific a call. —Greg Raven HYPERLINK ""

TESTERS TALK“Very crisp string with great spin, power, and control. Holds tension very well.”4.5 male all-court player using Wilson K Four strung at 50 pounds CP (Luxilon M2 Pro 16L)

“Very solid feel. I am amazed at how little head speed is required to create big spin.” 4.0 male all-court player using Dunlop Aerogel 2 Hundred strung at 56 pounds CP (Signum Pro Poly Plasma 17)

“Medium firm poly with surprisingly good comfort and power. I can only imagine how fun a thinner gauge would be.” 4.0 male all-court player using Volkl DNX 9 strung at 53 pounds CP (MSV Focus Hex 18L)

“Outstanding bite and durability. Very high playability for a poly.” 4.5 male all-court player using Wilson Kobra Tour strung at 58/60 pounds LO (Gosen Polylon/Babolat Conquest 17)“This polyester performs well in all areas.

After 20 hours it looks and plays fresh.”3.5 male all-court player using Prince EXO3 Silver strung at 58 pounds CP (Signum Pro Poly Plasma 17)

“Wow! This string has a surprisingly comfortable response. I might become a poly convert.” 6.0 male all-court player using Wilson K Tour strung at 53 pounds CP (Wilson NXT 17)

“These strings handle very stiff out of the package. Playability is decent. Control stands out, but power is lacking.” 5.0 male all-court player using Head MicroGEL Prestige Mid Plus strung at 57 pounds CP (Head FXP 16)

“This is a surprisingly comfortable poly. Great spin potential and control. Low power.”

Test Winner Overgrip’s – PACIFIC X TACK PRO

Durability, Wrapping-Ease & Sweat Absorption, all found to be excellent. This ‘tacky’ grip does not move, or ‘buckle’, and you can play 3-4 sets without any lack in performance. This is a very consistent, comfortable overgrip. PACIFIC also offers a more ‘dry’ feeling overgrip with their xTR grip. Equal in quality, but focused on the player who prefers a drier-feel.

Color: White (others available)Length: 106,5cm (42”)Wrapping Ease: good, optimal lengthFeel: tackyDurability: very goodSweat Absorption: very good

PACIFIC – convincing performance

German racquet sports company PACIFIC is writing an impressive story of success. Producing test and tournament winners, the new PACIFIC Tennis racquets create a lot of attention among the tennis community/world.

To date, the Stuttgart based company was rather known as successful supplier and being specialist for strings, grips, stringing machines and several other racquet sports services. Within a very short period of time, PACIFIC has managed prolific transition in people's understanding of being a racquet manufacturer. Only four months after their first racquet deliveries, PACIFIC is able to present formidable test and tournament results to underline its performance ability. PACIFIC owner Marcus Schwarz and his team achieved to set up a total new collection that provides innovative technologies based on know-how of the tradition-rich Austrian manufacturer Fischer, whose complete racquet section PACIFIC did acquire in 2009.

Tournament win at ATP Tour event German Open

The company's expectations of retail sales launch were surpassed and belief for the brand was highly appreciated. Immediate tournament success from athletes whose choice was PACIFIC racquets did underline that this belief was vindicated. Thus, recent wins from Andrey Golubev, Winner at the 2010 German Open in Hamburg, and Eduardo Schwank, Winner of doubles title at the 2010 Mercedes-Cup in Stuttgart did prove that deciding to play the "X Force Pro" racquet was an excellent choice.

1st Test Winner of a Newcomer

PACIFIC's racquets did not only succeed on the professional circuit but also earned rave reviews from several specialized press. Well-recognized "Deutsche Tennis Zeitung (Issue 06/10) elected the PACIFIC "Raptor" as test winner in "Allround-Racquets" within its 2010 test report. Also quoting the testing squad that such result has never happened before and PACIFIC is the first manufacturing brand ever to produce a test winner among the first series of production.

Best scores for the new ball

Not only starting new with racquets, PACIFIC also gave its debut as ball manufacturer. Yet again, the company was able to carry conviction. Trade press was persuaded and wellrespected "tennis magazin" (Issue 06/10) handed out best scores for PACIFIC's ball "Pro Tour" in concerns of Quality, Material, Play Characteristics and Durability. The journal describes this ball as top product with great cost-value ratio.

Not forgetting about its roots

Achieving all the success among the particular new lines of the business, PACIFIC does not forget about its roots in being a specialist on the racquet service sector. Repeatedly, the PACIFIC "X Tack Pro" was elected test winner by "tennis magazin" (Issue 06/10). Furthermore, the current version of "xTR Grip" earned perfect scores.

The story of success will continue

PACIFIC definitely gave proof of its capability in being a huge player in the tennis racquet market. The prestigious ‚RSI (Racquet Sports Industry)' journal has put PACIFIC on the same level as established market competitors for the Racquet Outlook 2010 (Issue 02/10)

Pacific acquires Fischer Tennis

The global leading manufacture of Strings, Accessories, and Stringing Machines; PACIFIC Entermark GmbH, announced today the acquisition of the Austrian based Fischer Tennis, ‘Racquet Sport Division’.

PACIFIC Entermark GmbH in cooperation with the Parent Company of Fischer Sports GmbH, have collaborated in a positive way to insure that the new direction of Fischer Tennis Racquets will now be under the PACIFIC Brand name, and will retain the worldwide respected R&D developmental know-how and cutting-edge technologies associated with the Fischer Tennis name.

CEO and Executive Shareholder of PACIFIC Entermark GmbH, Mr. Marcus Schwarz comments: “I am happy to announce this exciting addition to the PACIFIC Brand! I’ve long respected the state-of-the-art & industry leading technological advances that Fischer has continually delivered to the Tennis Market - therefore with our purchase of all the critical aspects that made/make Fischer Tennis the strong performance brand well-known to player’s worldwide, it will insure to those loyal consumers that the unique performance features of Fischer racquets will continue — now only gaining additional performance strength’s with adding the expertise of PACIFIC.”

Schwarz continued:

“The current Distribution Network of Fischer Tennis is being inspected as to best fit into the PACIFIC worldwide sales structure. We envision a ‘cobranded’ product for racquets — meaning, we will always respect and proudly give just and due credit for the 35+ years of those Fischer technologies that will continue to be incorporated into the new racquets that now will be under the PACIFIC name - the; ‘Fischer Technology’ logo will proudly remain displayed on the racquets.”

The location for the daily management and logistics operations of the new racquet business will be in Hochdorf, Germany - together within the main offices of PACIFIC Entermark GmbH.

Healthy Current & Future Growth — Marcus Schwarz:

“We have done everything in the racquet sport world, except racquets. I’m looking forward to the new aspect of now having racquets. In the remaining business year PACIFIC aims to at once, show a continued healthy growth of the PACIFIC Brand with the addition of Fischer racquets. Even in these unique difficult times felt worldwide, PACIFIC has continued to grow - thanks in part to being our own in-house German Mfg, and that our Brand’s focus has always been very service-orientated. Now with the addition of Fischer racquets and technologies, we will be even stronger and able to service our Dealers and eventually the Consumers, with more diversity and additional top-quality goods & services.

The time for this addition to the PACIFIC Brand was ideal. We were not interested in just the licensee business with the Fischer Company - as this would potentially do injustice to such an esteem Brand. The focus was only to find an agreeable way to transition the entire technology and knowhow of Fischer Tennis into PACIFIC. Now together, we can collaborate as one Company/Brand for exciting new future developments! Starting in 2010, you will see the first efforts of this new Team and also an entirely new ‘radical’ approach, direction, and attitude of how to offer player’s of any level, the complete and symmetrical way to combine together from the very start, all of the proper equipment needed to play their best tennis.”

About PACIFIC Entermark GmbH

Officially established in 1972, and based in Hochdorf, Germany - having their exclusive own production facilities located in Germany, and New Zealand, the Company has long been regarded as the Global Leader in the production of tennis strings, accessories, and stringing machines. Numerous Patents, and industry ‘first’ have made PACIFIC the world’s leader in top-quality Products. Since 2007 they have been the Official String, Grip, and Machines of the ATP World Tour. The Company is currently distributed in over 50-Country’s worldwide.