Pacific tennis racket, XForce Lite

Pacific tennis racket, XForce Lite
The tournament-level racquet with greater maneuverability – thanks again to the enhanced performance delivered by BasaltX Fiber Technology. PACIFIC has successfully created the ‘feel’ of an ultra-light-weight racquet, but with the performance typically found with a heavier racquet.

(Spec's - unstrung)
27" length (685-mm)
260.00 grams
345 mm balance
98-sq. inch head size
16x20 string pattern
25mm / 23mm / 20mm beam height (tip to shaft/throat)

Player Focus: Developing tournament players needing a more maneuverable racquet that delivers added ‘power’ – yet retaining the performance qualities demanded by serious players at any age. Obviously this will become a favorite among serious junior players! The X Force LITE has a total performance attitude!