Pacific tennis racket, XForce Team

Pacific tennis racket, XForce Team
The premium PACIFIC Junior Series model. This top-quality racquet features BasaltX®. The additional features and serious performance found in the X Force Team equals those features found in racquets used by Professionals. Adapted here only to meet the shorter height requirements of devoted, and very active junior players.

(Spec's - unstrung)
26" length (660-mm)
245.00 grams
320 mm balance
98-sq. inch head size
16x20 string pattern
25mm / 23mm / 20mm beam height (tip to shaft/throat)

Player Focus: Engineered from the very start, to be; 26”/660mm – not just a ‘cut-down’ version. For the young players who aspire to quickly go to each and every next new level in tennis. Those who are developing their game, but not quite ready yet for the added length of an adult racquet. The X Force Team is a premium racquet that delivers the performance needed for transitioning into a full-size racquet. Plus, the same cosmetic as found on the X Force & X Force Pro, lets them showoff proudly the same ‘look’ as they see the top-professionals on Tour using.