A 'teaser' per say - only since you have not had any of this in your hands yet!
However, a fantastic new frame and soon to be available worldwide.

'Packed' with performance & cutting-edge new developments - leading the way with: PACIFIC BasaltX Fiber Technology ( exclusive to PACIFIC - created together with the valued cooperation of ASA.TEC ( - the world's leader in the highest-grade of basalt fiber technology - this progressive materials advancement relating to racquet production, is only made possible when combining the 70+ years of technological know-how of the already established material expertise found within PACIFIC, plus together with the racquet designing expertise and tradition associated with Fischer Racquet Sports, (now an acquired division of PACIFIC) a clear winner results!

Together, this combined effort focuses on bringing the Racquet Sport world a totally new performance option! Go BasaltX!!

BASALT X The Power of the Earth!
100% recyclable - Mfg'd exclusively for PACIFIC by ASA.TEC - a 100% European sourced natural material - ecologically harvested in Austria to insure quality, consistency - then delivered to PACIFIC as a perfectly developed 'Mother-Earth-Friendly' material for us to then add BasaltX to the special matriX that makes the new PACIFIC Racquet Range possible.

Delivering to you, the player, the absolutely best performing racquet - consistent in all aspects, quality without compare, and sharing with you the PACIFIC Creed of:

"#1 in Performance = The Power of Your Game"

(P.S. - we suggest that you get one before your Opponent does...)


Consistant BasaltX® fibres are the end result of a unique production process developed by ASA.TEC.
The main problem with regular basalt fibres is their inconsistency in quality.
ASA.TEC developed a special processing procedure that makes their fibres of the highes-quality meeting or exceeding, those required demands for usage in the aircraft, aerospace, and automotive industries.

- optimal combination of stiffness and flexibility in specific areas to reduce torque, and enhance power & feel.
- efficient, effective reduction of shock & vibration - delivering greater playing comfort.
- basalt fiber's are environmentally friendly and completely recyclable!
A "Mother Earth" ecological material!
- volcanic natural material, is virtually an inexhaustible resource!

This is Pacific's guarantee that you always have 100% identical racquets, so your game depends on your form on the day, and not on differing racquets.

The special developed and patented Speed Zone System delivers maximum ball acceleration combined with a high level of control.

The grip damping system located in the shaft minimises undesired vibrations - such as in the case of off-centre hits and protects the arm as a result.

The Pacific Stability System gives the sides of the racquet face greater stability. This means maximum ball control, even in the case of off-centre hits. Directional control of the ball is enhanced in all situations.

Is the assurance of high-quality and the continuation of Fischer Racquet Technologies - now joined together with Pacific.
Bringing to you a new level of performance possibilities under one Brand.

And finaly the brand new Pacific Tennis Rackets/Racquets information's

PACIFIC - XFEEL PRO 90 VACUUM PACIFC proudly presents the return of a Classic Legend – updated with a few of today’s enhancements – yet remaining respectful to the established heritage due a most unique racquet.

PACIFIC - XFEEL PRO 95 This 320-gram, constant beam construction, (featuring ‘X-Feel Technology’) frame delivers the optimum performance to players focused on consistent power & ultimate control – plus, Xtra ‘spin-potential’ is assured.

PACIFIC - XFEEL TOUR The 295-gram, constant beam construction, (featuring ‘X-Feel Technology’) is a lighter and slightly larger head-size version of the X FEEL Pro.95.

PACIFIC - XFORCE Introduces the X Force Racquet Line - designed for the needs of serious players – focused on the player who demands precise performance!

PACIFIC - XFORCE PRO is a heavier weighted version of the X Force – featuring the same ‘ZEROTolerance™’ specifications.

PACIFIC - XFORCE LITE The tournament-level racquet with greater maneuverability – thanks again to the enhanced performance delivered by BasaltX Fiber Technology.

PACIFIC - XFORCE - TEAM - JUNIOR The premium Junior Series model. This top-quality racquet features BasaltX®.

PACIFIC - RAPTOR For the serious Club player devoted to playing tennis as often as possible – the new RAPTOR fits this lifestyle.

PACIFIC - SPEED Versatility is yours! From a serious Singles Match, to a friendly game of Doubles – the new SPEED brings sheer enjoyment to your game.

PACIFIC - FINESSE Attractive and stylish in appearance – yet designed with performance and features to be focused towards the fairer Gender.

PACIFIC - FINESSE TEAM Attractive and stylish in appearance – yet designed with performance and features in mind

PACIFIC - NEXUS – like no other - second to none in quality & proudly presented visually with a rich premium style!

PACIFIC - STRIKE Allround tennis racket for Club and recreation players

PACIFIC - ACTION The powerfull racquet for recreation tennis players and begginers.

PACIFIC - ATTACK The sporty racquet for recreation tennis players and begginers.