Pacific tennis rackets


(Spec's - unstrung)
27" length (68.5-cm)
320.00 grams ("Zero Tolerance" assured!)
31.0 cm balance ("Zero Tolerance" assured!)
98-sq. inch head size
16x20 string pattern
25mm / 23mm / 20mm beam height (tip to shaft/throat)

A 'teaser' per say - only since you have not yet had this in your hands!However, a fantastic new frame and soon to be available worldwide.

'Packed' with performance & cutting-edge new developments - leading the way with: PACIFIC BasaltX Fiber Technology ( exclusive to PACIFIC - created together with the valued cooperation of ASA.TEC ( - the world's leader in the highest-grade of basalt fiber technology - this progressive materials advancement relating to racquet production, is only made possible when combining the 70+ years of technological know-how of the already established material expertise found within PACIFIC, plus together with the racquet designing expertise and tradition associated with Fischer Racquet Sports, (now an acquired division of PACIFIC) a clear winner results!

Together, this combined effort focuses on bringing the Racquet Sport world a totally new performance option! Go BasaltX!!

BASALT X The Power of the Earth!
100% recyclable - Mfg'd exclusively for PACIFIC by ASA.TEC - a 100% European sourced natural material - ecologically harvested in Austria to insure quality, consistency - then delivered to PACIFIC as a perfectly developed 'Mother-Earth-Friendly' material for us to then add BasaltX to the special matriX that makes the new PACIFIC Racquet Range possible.

Delivering to you, the player, the absolutely best performing racquet - consistent in all aspects, quality without compare, and sharing with you the PACIFIC Creed of:

"#1 in Performance = The Power of Your Game"

Seasons Greetings! May the X Force soon be with you all...

(P.S. - we suggest that you get one before your Opponent does...)